10. juni 2023

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Vil avslutte låneperioden med stil

Boltons keeper James Trafford eies av Manchester City. Foto: bwfc.co.uk

James Trafford håper å tilbakebetale Wanderers’ tro på ham ved å ta dem hele veien i League One-sluttspillet.

Manchester City-målvakten har holdt en klubbrekord med 26 clean sheets i alle konkurranser denne sesongen og kjempet seg til landskamper med England U-21.

Nå vil han at Bolton skal klare et opprykk før han forlater klubben. For et klubbskifte blir det for denne sesongs 1. keeper, Trafford.

-I am massively grateful for the manager and the staff for putting their faith in me when nobody else really was – and I hope I have repaid that faith. The loan has helped me massively as a person and a goalkeeper and has given me a platform and a catapult to my future, sier han til The Bolton news.

Videre sier han:

-Promotion was my aim was when I signed again in the summer. The expectation was to try and get to the Championship and that is what I am solely aiming to achieve. It has been the aim since the start of the season and it is what we have all been working towards.

På spørsmål om han har vurdert veien videre sier Trafford at han skal bruke denne sommeren for å se om han vil returnere til Etihad på heltid som dekke for Citys 1. keeper Ederson, eller potensielt for å se etter en annen låneklubb. Men å bli i Bolton er ikke i planene.

-I have briefly thought about it but nothing major. I want to see how my performances go for the rest of the season and I have got the Euros in the summer as well, hopefully, so I’ll go away and think about next season. I will be sad to leave. I came here after Accrington where I hadn’t had the best of times in what was essentially a low point in my career. This has been a huge platform for me and they have helped me get to where I am – hopefully now I can help them get to that next level. I just know that Bolton Wanderers will stick with me for the rest of my career, and the rest of my life.